Shamrock Training Update: It’s Race Week!

And 18 weeks later, race week is finally here. Katie flies in Thursday and we will spend Friday hanging out around Richmond before heading down to Virginia Beach for a girl’s weekend together.

Last week was my last real week of “training.” Again, I’m using the term “training” loosely. Solid mileage? Check. Training in a way I would really consider training? Nope. Since I haven’t done much speed work this go-around, I decided to push the pace a bit on my last mid-week long run. My plan was one-mile warm-up, 8 miles at a “comfortably hard” pace, and a one-mile cool-down. I checked the weather before heading it out and it said it was around 50 and the rain was done. So I threw on some shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, geared up and headed out.

Ohhh about 5 minutes into my run it began to rain. Then it began to pour. I didn’t have a hat on, but I sure was glad I opted for long sleeves. I wasn’t happy with my first 3 “comfortably hard” splits. I know in reality I haven’t put in the work to be running as fast as I’d like to be, but that doesn’t stop the disappointment when your splits don’t reflect what they normally do in a training cycle. And normally running fast in the rain makes one feel like a badass, but I just felt like I big phony.

Despite all of that, I pressed on. I was about halfway through my run when it finally stopped raining. My next two splits clocked in closer to what I had expected. I think the rain was affecting me more than I had anticipated. Finally, on mile 7, I hit a split that was more of what I wanted to see. For my final “comfortably hard” mile I pushed passed “comfortably” hard to just run hard. I felt pretty satisfied when this run was over. What started kind of crappy ended well and it’s always a nice feeling when those later miles feel easier and are run faster.

Heading into race week I’m not feeling my normal excitement. I’m excited about the weekend itself, but not necessarily about the race. When I set out for this training cycle, I set out to run a marathon. When all is said and done, I’m happy I’m running the half and can enjoy the weekend with Katie. But I still failed big time at my goal, ha! Once I switched to the half I kind of phoned it in. I didn’t focus on strength work or nutrition, I didn’t do speed work, and I didn’t ever evaluate, adjust, and reevaluate my plan based on any type of goal. I’m not even going to pretend I have a goal going into the race this weekend. Of course, I hope to squeak out a PR – don’t we always? But I need to be realistic and, if I’m being honest, I don’t really care much about this race. I will still go out and try my best and push my hardest. Hopefully, the weather forecast will change from it’s current “Windy” forecast. Seriously, that’s what the forecast is right now! Never a good thing for a coastal race.

I also feel like I failed big time on blogging this time around. I had plans to really switch up how I was blogging, but instead I just barely blogged at all. That was mostly because I wasn’t doing anything that would be interesting to read. How many times can I say, “I ran this week, it was okay, I got it done” before it’s just the same? When I switched to the half and continued to “train” without a goal, there wasn’t much to talk about. Those exhausting weeks and tough workouts I had hoped to share were non-existent. There were many mornings I didn’t even get up to run and instead opted to run during my lunch break (a perk of my new WFH schedule). Hopefully, this will all change come June when I start training for the Chicago Marathon.

One fun highlight from this past week. Last night my sister and I went to see Vanessa Carlton in concert! She played at a little venue in Richmond call the Tin Pan. My sister and I arrived early to grab some dinner (it was delicious) and hang out before the show started. It was a very intimate setting and she took the time to talk about each song and the inspiration behind it. It was sort of like an episode of Behind the Music and we both really enjoyed it. She sang my favorite (White Houses) and then sang a lot of songs off of her newest album.

I also want to wish Hanna at Minimal Marathoner a HAPPY (belated) 30th BIRTHDAY!

That’s it for now. Hopefully that spring weather will be returning here shortly and will help a little with motivating me to get out the door and run in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Shamrock Training Update: It’s Race Week!

  1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    Aww thank you! Have a great race this weekend! I’m “racing” too and in the same boat. I won’t even call what I’ve been doing “training” but after a couple great runs lately I can’t help hoping I pull an awesome day out of my butt. You have wind, I have heat: high here is 82 on race day! So at least if I bomb it I have an excuse. Good luck!!


  2. Ah Vanessa was in town a few weeks ago and I missed it. I haven’t bought her latest album yet, but I never tire of listening to Rabbits on the Run. I don’t know why, but I love that album! Glad you and your sister enjoyed the concert!

    Good luck this weekend! While your training may not have optimal, you have a solid foundation built and at the very least this will provide a nice measure of where you are currently (fingers crossed for a PR!). This is the exact attitude that I am trying to carry into my half marathon in two weeks 🙂


  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    I’ve said this before, but I give you so much credit for continuing to get in great mileage and forge ahead after deciding not to run the full. I think it takes a lot to do that when your heart really isn’t in it. Sounds like you’ll have a fun weekend whatever happens in the race. Enjoy!

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