Training, Racing, and Life Updates

Well hello there, it’s been a while. I thought I’d share some updates on training, racing, and life!


Coming out of Shamrock weekend, I had to turn right around and go out of town mid-week for a conference up in DC. I generally take a week off after a goal race for some R&R, but traveling that week actually made it easier to give myself a break and let my mind and body recover. Not having to pack any running stuff allowed me to take a smaller suitcase and sleep in and focus on my conference learnings.

I often see comments on how time off after a half marathon isn’t necessary. Maybe it isn’t, but I run for fun and there was no reason for me to keep running all week. I was feeling a little burnt out and was still battling an overuse injury, so I thought the time off would do me good.

My next training cycle doesn’t start until June, so I have cut way back on my mileage. I had planned to run very little mileage after my week off, but I ended up finding a nearby group that meets most morning’s for early runs. They’re a great group and I have been enjoying getting to know them.

I ran with them twice during that week, raced The Monument Ave 10K that weekend, and then did a run with Bart Yasso the following day. Bart was in town for the 10K so one of the local running clubs arranged a very informal Sunday morning run. After the run, I chatted with him a bit about the weather at Shamrock.

After all was said and done, I ended up running more than planned for the week. Since it was all my decision and nothing tied to any plan, I really enjoyed every run.

For the month of April, I plan to continue my light schedule. I am committing to only 4 days a week of running and keeping the mileage light – I think the last time I ran so few days was years ago when I was training for my first and second half marathons!

My goal for the month is to really focus on strength training. I had a deep tissue massage done to work out the knots and kinks from this last training cycle and help heal up the issues in my quad. I feel more confident strengthening it now that it’s feeling a lot better. I was really indecisive on what I wanted to do for strength training over the next two months but ultimately decided to go back to my strength training app. Once I receive my training schedule, I can join a gym or commit to a group class, but I didn’t want to commit to anything now knowing my schedule will change once training starts. Come May, I plan to up my mileage a bit and get myself back up to minimum mileage for marathon training to begin in June.

Speaking of marathon training – I’m happy to report that I finally made a decision regarding my training. I had my eye on a different training group that I felt would be a better fit and, after speaking with a few people around town that agreed, I went ahead and registered. I am excited to get started with them this summer! Much more about that in a few months.

I also finally upgraded my Garmin. I have had a hard time justifying spending money on one because my current one works fine and I like it, but there was a great deal under $200 so I went for it! It hasn’t arrived yet but should be here to begin using next week. It does not have wrist heart rate monitor, but I had still planned to use my heart rate monitor strap had I upgraded to one with the wrist monitor. The chest strap just gives more accurate readings and I am still training with heart rate guidance, so accuracy is important to me. I’m not sure what I will do with my old Garmin since it still works great and has been with me through these first few years of my running journey. It was a gift from my husband and bit too sentimental to give away. Maybe I will keep it around and take it out now and then on an easy run.


As I mentioned, I recently raced the Monument Ave 10K. I’m not going to do a separate race recap for this race because it wasn’t a goal race or training race, and the course literally goes up and down Monument Ave in Richmond.

I registered for this race just for fun. Seven years ago it was my first 10K and I started the race with my sister (and finished shortly after her). She didn’t join me in running the race this year, but she did come down to the race to cheer me on.

The weather was great – it was sunny and warm. Some spots of the course that didn’t have shade were even a bit hot and I did dump some water on my head at some point! I knew the race had grown in the past few years so I was excited to be a part of it.

Even though I signed up for fun, I still raced it. Given my lack of serious training and zero speed work this winter, I wasn’t expecting to PR (and didn’t get one), but I still finished in 48:36. That’s only 23 seconds slower than my current PR, so between that and my Shamrock results, I am feeling good about where my fitness is going into marathon training.


I haven’t really made any decisions on summer races. I will likely do the Leesburg 20K as part of my training and may do one or two other half marathon or shorter race distances during training, but I am holding off on making plans for anything else until I get my training schedule.

I also haven’t made a decision as far as marathon race goal and goal race. I am running Chicago in October but may opt to use that as a training run and race Richmond in November instead. I have plenty of time to make these decisions and, for now, am just going to focus on easy fun running and building up my strength routine.

Life Updates

My conference in March was for work and it was spectacular. I learned so much and came back really excited to put my learnings into action. Of course, then the reality of the day-to-day work tasks took over and I had to shelf some of those ideas for now, but that’s okay! There is a lot going on at work and I am really enjoying my job. I am so glad I decided to make a change.

Now that the weather is warming up, my husband and I have started talking about the outdoor space at our rental. We have an awesome, large, screened-in back porch where I’ve been doing my strength workouts in the morning. We plan to buy some nice furniture for it, clean up the yard, and finally have a house warming party soon! We had our first evening of sitting out on the porch and I look forward to getting something more than just the two chairs we have to sit on.

I think that’s it. I promise I’m still creeping around your blogs, but my updates will probably be sporadic until training begins again. I hope I don’t lose you! If you’re someone who reads often and also blogs, and have noticed I never like or comment or follow, throw a comment my way so I know to follow you! I’ll be updating the list of blogs I follow for the summer and am looking for some more great ones to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Training, Racing, and Life Updates

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    I enjoyed reading all these updates and all the good news. Nice job on the 10K and feeling good about your fitness going into marathon training. I really like the idea of training with a group for a goal race. It’s always nice to have partners for the same training & race. Our group here does that, and while I haven’t joined the official training, I have been running with them. Also good to hear that work & life overall is good! Enjoy this phase of running for fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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