Seven Weeks until Training

I am seven weeks away from my next training cycle and this “light” running and strength is really making me hungry to train. What started as a cut back in mileage and days-per-week of running to recover and recharge has started to turn into restricting myself from running – but I mean that in a healthy way. With my extra downtime, I have been journaling and thinking about my goals for the next few months and planning out the steps I need to take to hit those goals.


On Saturday I headed out early for 3 miles before meeting up with a group for 5 more. I rounded out the week with 25 miles and two light strength workouts. After a quick shower, my husband and I packed up the car and headed to a state park for an overnight camping trip. We hiked about 6 miles and my legs were pretty tired by nightfall. My legs are definitely not in marathon shape right now!

Taking Sunday off was not an issue because the whole family (yes, I mean me, my husband, and our dogs) was pretty tired once we got home, but by the time Monday evening rolled around I debated running on Tuesday morning.

Into the woods

Normally, Monday is a running day for me. This is the day I’ve scrapped from my routine right now. As the weeks have passed, it’s gotten harder to see people putting in Monday miles while I don’t. I am feeling reenergized and ready to run more. As a result, taking an extra day off has morphed into restricting myself from running. I know continuing with this lighter schedule is necessary for me to be healthy and ready for marathon training. But it’s a really nice feeling to be back in a place where I want to run instead of being happy that I don’t have to run.

Many of my friends are beginning to plan their summer training. I will have to wait until late May to get my training schedule, but I’m a planner so I am so eager to see what the plan looks like. Since I am training with a new group, I want to see the training schedule provided before making any plans. I am hoping a few simple adjustments will make it a good fit for me. I am planning to take full advantage of the coaching available to me to get some help adjusting the plan and making smart training decisions to help me reach my goal. I am at a point in my training now that I am looking for some guidance, but I couldn’t justify the budget for a full-on coach when there are so many coaching resources available to me at a much more wallet-friendly budget. And while some may think “you get what you pay for,” there are plenty of people out there that have full-time jobs and offer coaching advice simply for the love of coaching. (And there are many out there that don’t seem to be worth the cost.) I personally saw my fitness excel last fall simply by having a (volunteer) coach that pushed me past my comfort level and believed in my skills.

So that’s where I am right now. Ready to train. Ready to go. Ready to turn up the dial. But I have to wait.

One thought on “Seven Weeks until Training

  1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    The time will pass faster than you know! I am very excited to start training as well. And you hit the nail on the head: it’s a really good sign of things to come if you’re feeling like you want to run instead of being glad for the day off.

    I would give the same advice people give for taper since this is, in many ways, the same situation: try to find something to keep your mind occupied so you’re not tempted into running more. Read some good books, tackle a neglected project that will surely get pushed further onto the back burner in June, do more camping. The time will pass a lot faster if we’re not daydreaming about running all the time! 🙂

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