Getting Ready for Summer Training

Time was flying by so quickly and now it feels like it’s come to a screeching halt. It looks like summer, feels like summer, but I still have to wait about 2 more weeks until summer training actually begins.

I feel restless. After months of nonchalant, do-what-I-want basic fitness maintenance, I am eagerly waiting to get back to a structured running schedule. I’m ready to hit the track and do some intervals. Ready to suffer through some tempo runs. Ready to grind my sore muscles against the foam roller. Ready, ready ready, ready, ready to run. (Yeah, that was a Dixie Chicks reference.)

For the past month, I have stuck to my commitment of maintenance mileage and getting in strength work twice a week. I am proud of myself for accomplishing this even though I didn’t have to do it. Once the weather started to warm up and the days started getting lighter earlier, I felt more motivated to get out of bed and go. Now that motivation has waned. Not because I don’t want to run, but I’m tired of running without a purpose, without a plan. I have at least gotten to enjoy running with my weekday group at least once during the week and every weekend.

I recently went to an info session for the training team that I’ll be running with this summer. I’ve already signed up, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet the head coach and some of the other coaches. I ended up being glad that I went. I was able to see a sample of what my training plan structure will be like which gave me the opportunity to start planning my strength work schedule.

I left excited and feeling positive about my decision to train with this group this summer. It’s not the huge, largely popular summer group for the area, but I really wanted something a little more focused and individualized and I truly feel this is the right fit for me. I’ll see how it goes once I get started!

I am hoping to be a lot better about updating on here once training gets going. Lately, I just feel like I don’t have much to talk about. Kind of like how I’m just rambling on right now. Two more weeks. Here we go!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Summer Training

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Love your new site. Will add it to my Bloglovin feed! I’m excited for you! Tell us more about the info session! What are the coaches like? How many group runs will you do? How many will you be training with? Details, please!


    1. Thank you! Honestly, I don’t really know much more. It was really for people that hadn’t signed up yet to learn more about the group which basically was answering people’s questions on how they’re different from the big popular summer group. Like I said, it’s not the bigger group that most people train with over the summer. I will have a group run every Saturday and weekly group speed work. I don’t know how many people I will be training with since it wasn’t a team meeting. I do know the long run groups are broken down into finishing time groups of 15-minute increments. It is an overall much smaller group which is one of the things that appealed to me. I’ll obviously talk about it more once I get started training with them!


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