The Guilt-Free Brunch Half Marathon

There were some pretty awesome running things happening on Saturday here in Richmond.

Satrday, I ran the Guilt-Free Brunch Half Marathon. Spoiler alert: This wasn’t a “real” half marathon. There was no race expo, entry fee, or medals. A few of the women I run with didn’t get their “calendars or wallets” in sync to run a spring half marathon and, instead, decided to just do a fun run! Krissy came up with a full 13.1 mile route around the city, complete with planned places we could refill water and take a bathroom break if needed. We met early on Saturday morning to tackle it. The weather was great – sunny and a bit warm, but mostly great in the shade. We ran at an easy pace and stayed together until about mile 10.5 when some of us broke off and moved ahead. The last few miles were in full sun and pretty toasty, so it was a relief once we finished. We got changed/freshened up in our cars and then headed to a local restaurant for brunch.

It’s not a half marathon without race shirts, right?
My absolutely delicious fresh whipped cream, iced vanilla vodka, with a “splash” of coffee
I got excited and dug in before I took my picture. I’m an Eggs Benedict fool.

It was a great way to spend the morning and kick off the 3-day weekend.

There was also an amazing event happening on Saturday – The Rainey Check Marathon. A local runner named Rainey was all set to run her first marathon at Shamrock, when she ended up becoming very ill just a few hours before she was supposed to head to the start. J&A Racing sent her the medal to allow her to do a virtual marathon. The running community came together to throw her an awesome virtual race. You can read all about it on Liz’s blog!

With the completion of the Guilt-Free Brunch Half Marathon, I ended up with 30 miles for the week. I am feeling good and excited to be heading into marathon training in just a matter of days!

Our long weekend was pretty busy. Sunday morning we decided to get up early and take the dogs for a hike. We ended up cutting it shorter than planned, but we still had a nice time getting away for the morning and walking through the woods.

Morning hike

Sunday afternoon some friends of ours had a crab boil in their newly, self-built pavilion in their yard. It was a lot of friends from college and it was pretty funny to see how things have changed from our old parties. Better food, better beer, and lots of toddlers running around! We had a nice time.

Dig in!

Monday morning I slept in and it was so relaxing. My husband and I ran some errands, did some chores around the house, and then I spent a lot of the afternoon reading on the back porch. With so much going on, we didn’t end up getting around to watching Bloodline 😉 That will have to wait a little bit longer.

I’m just days away from starting marathon training and I am ready to go. I plan to run this week, but if I wake up in the morning and don’t feel like going then I am going to sleep in. It’s my last week before 18 weeks of hard work begins, so I am going to take full advantage if necessary.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Guilt-Free Brunch Half Marathon

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Love the idea of both of those “races.” And really love that you made your own race shirts! Sounds like you have a really great running community there! One more week!

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