2017 Chicago Marathon Training: Week Two

Monday is just not my day for training. Last week it was a bit of my own fault, though. My training group meets on Monday evening’s to do speedwork as a group. Even though I run in the morning, this was something I wanted to try to participate in since it’s nice to have moral support. When Monday rolled around, it turned out that my husband actually had rehearsal after work and wouldn’t be home until late. This is commonly why I avoid doing things in the evening. On top of that, speed work didn’t start until 6:30. I couldn’t cook/eat dinner beforehand, but trying to cook/eat after would mean not eating until around 8 and I had to be back up around 5:15 the next morning to get to strength training.

The heatwave had rolled into Virginia on Sunday, so Monday was a nice toasty 90+ degree day. As the day went on, I decided that going to speed work at 6:30 just wasn’t going to work. Not wanting to skip the workout, I decided to head to the track at the high school near my house right after work and get it done on my own. 4×800 isn’t a particularly difficult workout and my goal pace wasn’t anything horrifying. I assumed I would be a little under goal pace because of the heat, so I wasn’t stressing about it.

But the heat – the heat was horrifying. I did my one-mile warm up at an easy pace. My heart rate was through the roof. “Oh, well.” I thought, “Still have to get it done.”

Yeah, right. I did my first 800, my 2 minute recovery and after my second 800, I quit. I did a one-mile cooldown and called it a day.

It’s not like me to quit a workout, but this just was not productive. I texted my teammate and told her that the following Monday I would be going early to the track do speedwork even if it meant doing it by myself. I later learned that there are a few other teammates that do theirs Monday morning. I’m hoping my Monday’s begin to turn around and result in some better workouts!

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I got in my workouts and savoured my Friday rest day.

Saturday’s long run was hot, as it was for most runners I follow. It was my first longer group run since I was out of town the previous week and it went well. I had to arrive an hour early to get in the first half of the run with some other runners doing races earlier in the season. I don’t mind though, I like getting my long runs started early. The highlight of the run was the Swedish Fish at our water stop. I usually throw a gel in my handheld just in case, but had forgotten on Saturday. I was running with Nuun and often need a blood sugar boost when it’s really hot out. The water stop was stocked with pretzels, gummy bears, animal crackers, and Swedish Fish – yum. A few Swedish Fish really hit the spot.

Saturday my parents came to town and we spend the afternoon at the art museum. Saturday evening we had a Father’s Day cookout at my sister’s house. My parents brought burgers and asked that we supply sides – I obviously brought Quinoa Recovery Salad from Run Fast Eat Slow!

Overall, week two was pretty good. In week three I have a pretty tough tempo run on the schedule. My plan is to simply do my best and not get discouraged if I’m under-pace. My husband also has to work multiple evenings this week, which will mean little couch-time in the evenings to unwind, so minding recovery will be important.

 Summer is *officially* here this week. 16 weeks to go! 

2 thoughts on “2017 Chicago Marathon Training: Week Two

  1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    I love quinoa salads. Mmmm.

    Well, I hope your Monday at least went well today. Monday has been my rest day for the past 3 years of training so it has been surprisingly hard to adjust to having to be ready to run first thing Monday morning.


  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    A track workout on a 90+ degree evening? Girl, I applaud you for doing any part of that workout! My picture of Hell is having to do speed workouts on extremely hot evenings. I honestly think I’d die! Silver lining is that you learned to do the workout earlier and may have some running buddies to do it with you, so it’s all good! Swedish Fish are my biggest candy weakness, so I’m not sure I’d be able to have just a few! Good luck on your tempo workout this week.


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