Two Weeks until the Richmond Marathon

This past weekend I wrapped up my mini peak-week. Despite going for a smaller peak than my Chicago training, I still wrapped up the week with 40 miles which felt like a decent amount for it only being my second week of running since finishing the Chicago Marathon.

Rather than doing another 20-miler, my training buddy and I met up a little bit before our group run and ran 3-miles together before taking on the half marathon training team’s 13-mile route. This is the fastest run I’ve done since the marathon, but I felt really good. The weather was beautiful (I would love to have a repeat of that weather on race day!) and the route took us on much of the course. My training buddy ran Richmond last year so we talked through some of the course parts and did a little strategizing for race day. We had run the Patrick Henry Half Marathon together with one other runner and felt that worked well for the both of us, so we made the decision to at least start the marathon together to help make some of those early miles pass by more quickly.

Richmond boasts a downhill finish, and our route on Saturday took us down the hill. That was great and all, but going down that hill meant having to climb back up another hill to make our way back to the start point. My legs were really feeling it during that one, but I recovered well and felt good on my Sunday morning 3-mile recovery run.

The week was fairly uneventful running-wise. I made a trip to GoodWill on Saturday to pick up some toss-away sweatpants and a fleece for race morning and got some gloves at the dollar store. The temperatures are looking up and down over the next two weeks, so who knows what race morning will bring, but I figured I could always store the toss-aways for another race if I somehow didn’t end up needing them (but good gracious, I better need them!!!!).

After my recovery run on Sunday I took a shower, did some chores, and then headed to my sister’s to spend the day watching Stranger Things 2 together. It did not disappoint.

Now onto taper week which feels a little silly because I don’t feel like I have really been “training.” I’ve enjoyed these past two weeks of running, especially in the cooler weather. I’m starting to look forward to getting back into training mode again, but that’s a post for a few weeks from now.

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