It’s Richmond Marathon Week!

Race week is here (again)! These past few weeks have been good and I feel better than I did at this point last year. However, this year I did have an extra week before Richmond and last year I wasn’t preparing for another full marathon – so, who knows!

Final Weekend of Training

I had planned to run 10 miles on Saturday as my final long run, but the group was doing 4-mile loops to give the full and half marathoners options for how far to run. This was probably one of my favorite runs all season. I planned to run eight miles and then decide if I would do two or four more. I took it easy and enjoyed the miles with my friends, taking in the last run together for the season. I ended up heading out for the final loop, but it was a little short. Most of the group took the long way around the parking lot to reach 12 miles, but I just headed back to our start spot and wrapped up with 11.72 miles for the day and a little over 30 miles for the week.

About halfway through our second loop, we naturally started talking about food and quickly agreed to go to Chick-fil-A for breakfast after our run. It was a fun way to celebrate the end of training together.

I also officially joined the board for my training team this week. I love our group and am excited to help the team grow and improve what we offer to runners. 

Race Week

This week I’m focusing on rest, recovery, and good nutrition. I am happy to be back at the race-week mileage so soon. I always enjoy the extra sleep this week.

I honestly have no idea what race day will bring for me. The weather is looking good and hopefully that won’t change, but I have also never run back-to-back marathons. My longest run since Chicago was 16-miles, so who knows what that last 10.2 miles will bring.

I still plan to race conservatively and, hopefully, smart pacing will allow me to at least get a small PR. I will be starting a new training cycle in just three weeks, so I’m not as eager for a PR as I was six weeks or so ago because my focus has moved onto winter training. That being said, I still hope things come together for a strong race.

I have run the half in Richmond twice and both races have been good to me. I am excited to run the full in what is now our official hometown. Race day is just four weeks shy of our one year anniversary of moving back to RVA, so it will be a great way to celebrate!

I hope everyone is feeling good and ready for the Richmond Marathon. If you live in the area, please join me and Race Team RVA for our winter training program!

6 thoughts on “It’s Richmond Marathon Week!

    1. You should come try us out! The name is deceiving. The majority of our runners pace between a 10-11 min/mile. We have a fun run coming up the first weekend in December to meet the coaches/check it out. You should come!

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  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Wow, your second marathon of the season is almost here! That went fast! I think it’s going to be a great race for you. You have a really great attitude going into it! So cool that you joined the board of your training team. If I lived there, I’d join!

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