Race Recovery, Holidays, and Winter Training!

Hello, folks! I’m still here, but things have been busy.

After Richmond, I took my usual week off to recover. I felt pretty good after the race but knew that my body needed another break. I headed up to my parent’s house for the week of Thanksgiving and enjoyed a few runs around their town, did some shopping, drank a lot of wine, and spent some time with family. I came home with a cold that both of my parents had just dealt with – bummer!

Thanksgiving running

I was supposed to kick off training last Monday, but this cold really kicked me down this past week. More often than not I run when I have a cold and usually just listen to my body when deciding if I’m going to rest or run. This week I definitely needed the extra rest. I still managed to get in 25 miles for the week – quite a bit shy from where I was supposed to be. By mid-week, I knew the week was just a wash training-wise and decided to just consider it a recovery week and start fresh with training this week. My cold seems to be lingering around a bit, but I am back to having a lot more energy and feeling more like myself.

I guess I should share my spring race plans! My spring marathon will be…. Shamrock Marathon! This probably isn’t a surprise to most since I had planned to run the full last year, but opted for the half when I started having knee issues.

I really loved the half marathon and knew I wanted to go back and try the full, despite the unpredictable weather. As most runners know the weather for any race can be unpredictable so I didn’t want to factor that in too much. I am hoping that this race being in March will mean cool temperatures since I clearly do better racing in the cold.

For a long time, I actually debated if I was going to train for Shamrock. Doing so meant just two weeks off between running Richmond and starting another training cycle and that freaked me out a bit. I love running and want to avoid burning out at all costs. However, when I reflected on my summer training, I realized how early I had to cut out my speed work due to my weird shin/calf issues. Reviewing my training log I essentially was just maintaining my current fitness and taking it pretty easy so that got me more comfortable with the idea of jumping back into a training cycle.

That being said, that still only gives me 16 (now 15!) weeks to train, so I’m being realistic about my goals. I’m not looking to take a huge chunk off of my PR, but do plan to work towards a faster time. We’ll see how that plays out. Fingers crossed I can keep my sh*t together these next four months and have a strong training cycle.

But wait, there’s more! In planning for a spring race, I debated running the New Jersey Marathon. I am originally from New Jersey and we still have family there, so running a marathon in the garden state was really appealing to me. The race is at the end of April so I decided WHY THE HELL NOT? Yeah, so back to doing two marathons in one season, eeek! I do fully plan to just run NJ for fun, take in the sights, and probably snap some photos along the way (I usually don’t race with my phone at all). We’re even planning to make it a girls weekend out of it with my mom, aunt, possibly my cousin, and maybe my sister (you in, Amy?).

Christmas is just a few short weeks away so my updates may be sparse and lacking, though I will try to continue to update weekly. Follow me on Instagram for more timely updates and I will be sure to get back on track with blogging in the new year.

4 thoughts on “Race Recovery, Holidays, and Winter Training!

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Ah! Exciting! Geez, now I’m thinking that running a second marathon a month or so after the first is a great idea. Might as well take advantage of all that training!


    1. Hahaha, it actually puts you at high risk for injury so I wouldn’t really recommend it. My performance at Richmond was more likely from my two years of maintaining marathon-distance fitness than my previous training cycle!


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