Shamrock Marathon Training: Week Two

As you may recall, week one of marathon training was a bust and the week one recap doesn’t even officially exist. I was sick with a nasty cold and found I needed rest more than running. I got a few runs in, but nothing that was enough to consider training. Going into week two, I was focused on getting down to it and back into the swing of training.

I’m really proud of this week of training. There were no significant runs that were impressive, particularly tough, or extraordinary. However, there were a lot of things that came up that would have been good excuses to miss a run and I was able to stay focused and get in all of my workouts this week.

Monday morning I woke up still feeling a little ick-ish and run-down from my cold. I had eight miles on my training schedule, but just the thought of doing eight miles and then trying to make it through the rest of the day made me feel exhausted. I decided to go out and get in five miles. It seemed manageable and I knew I could tack on the extra miles to some of my easy runs later in the week. Run one, done.

Tuesday is my strength training day and I rolled out of bed and got myself to the gym. Between race recovery, travel, and sickness, I hadn’t gone to strength training in a month! I was actually surprised how much strength I had maintained despite that and had a good class.

Tuesday afternoon I had a three-hour drive out of town for an overnight work trip. Wednesday is a workout day and Thursday is an easy run day, so my initial plan was to swap those days and hit the treadmill Wednesday morning. When I got to my hotel on Tuesday, I realized that I wouldn’t have much time in the morning and decided to just head to the treadmill and get it done then. Six miles, a shower, and some dinner at Panera later, I was exhausted and ready to be asleep by 7:30! (I think I made it to about 9:15 before I fell asleep during Fixer Upper.)

Wednesday became a rest day and I’m glad I did that. The day started with breakfast with a co-worker and then onto work events. We had our Years of Service Awards for work and our holiday lunch. I received a really nice travel mug for completing one year of service that I know I’ll use a lot during training.  I got back to town around 4:30 and was wiped. I can’t imagine how I would’ve done the drive back into town had I gotten up and run in the morning!

Thursday I had some miles with short hill repeats thrown in. The workout was 8×20 second hill repeats with 1:00 recovery. Twenty-second hill repeats are the equivalent of strides or pick-ups, just uphill, so this ended up being a lot easier than I had anticipated. It was a nice ease-in before hitting the harder stuff. The hill I ran on is great for longer repeats, but I wish I’d gone to a steeper hill for these short ones.

Then the weekend rolled around. The weather had been forecasting snow and people were freaking out. I truly missed Ohio this weekend. It had been above freezing the majority of the week and just recently there were days with highs in the 60s. Yet, somehow people still believed we would get 6 inches of snow! No way! It started snowing Friday afternoon and my training group started talking about canceling. The snow wasn’t sticking to the roads or the sidewalks, so I couldn’t understand why it would be canceled. Runners in other parts of town were claiming it was really bad by them (per pictures, it looked the same), and in the early evening, the team decided to postpone the run to Sunday.

Saturday morning I slept in a little later than usual (7:30) and headed out to get in my Sunday miles since my long run was postponed. We ended up with about three inches, but the roads were absolutely fine and it was beautiful out, so it was really disappointing to me that the team had jumped the gun and canceled. The initial plan had been to follow the schedule of the YMCA, and the Y was running on a normal schedule. Then, by mid-morning, the team was already talking about canceling for Sunday! They were afraid the roads would freeze overnight and it would result in dangerous conditions. By noon, they had already canceled for Sunday.

Movie-watching while Gus snuggles on my lap

I spent most of Saturday getting things done. I grocery shopped, cooked some soup for the week, and made some make-ahead breakfast burritos. I topped off the evening by watching my favorite Christmas moving – A Christmas Story!

I still wanted to get in my long run Sunday morning. I’m all for being safe and ice can pose some dangerous situations, but canceling at noon the day before the run seemed very premature and pretty ridiculous to me. A friend of mine that is training with my group this season told me she wanted to meet Sunday morning if it wasn’t icy out. Sunday morning I woke up at six to let the dogs out and headed outside to see what it was like. A few slick spots, but nothing that would’ve been a reason to not run. We met up at seven and got our miles in together and then I finished up a few on my own. There were a few slick spots, but overall I felt like the group had completely wasted a weekend by canceling both days. But hey, I started my distance running living in Ohio where we just ran in winter weather all the time because the treadmill is the worst!

When I got back to my car, the recovery tea I had made myself was still hot in my new travel mug after sitting in the cold car for two hours. It’s the little things, right? I’m looking forward to getting back to my car and having a warm recovery drink after my long runs.

Sickness, travel, and winter weather all threw their best at me this week, but I got in all my miles for 36 total. I felt really accomplished by the end of the week.

Week three has a fartlek and tempo run that both pretty scary to me on paper. I’m also kind of excited to get into these more challenging runs and get into some serious training. So, here we go!

Ready to walk in a winter wonderland!

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