Shamrock Marathon Training: Week Three

Finally! A week of Shamrock training that wasn’t derailed by sickness, weather, or other outside factors. This was a great week of training that left me feeling positive that I am finally getting on track.

I kicked off the week with a Fartlek run. I had to do 10 x 2:00 @ 10K pace with 2:00 recovery between during this run. This scared me a little bit on paper, but I found that running 10K pace for 2:00 at a time wasn’t bad at all. I had a few that were slightly too fast, but I think it will get easier for me to find the correct pace on these workouts the more I get used to it. I can’t say I spend a whole lot of time running at 10K pace beside, you know, when I run 10Ks.

Tuesday was my regular strength training class, nothing fancy there!

Wednesday was my first tempo run of this training cycle. My tempo runs on my plan are prescribed to be at half marathon pace right now. Not terrifying, but again, I haven’t run these paces in a really long time so on paper I’m finding it a little intimidating. I would say Wednesday was the first really cold run of the season. I met up with my weekday group and ended up doing the first two miles of my run as a warm-up because I just didn’t feel adequately warmed up after one-mile. The route for the day had a nasty hill toward the end that I was dreading the entire time, but I ended up being fine. Knowing that I would get to slow down after I got up the hill and finished my mile really helped me push through, but man did the wind pick up at the end of it! My cool down was cold. We took a fun picture in the security camera afterward.

Wednesday was one of two of my husband’s holiday work parties. It was really casual and a fun way to spend the evening. Naturally, my favorite part were these homemade cookies that his coworker made. They are GF and probably the best cookie I’ve had in a long time!

Thursday was easy miles and I took it really easy. Saturday was my normal long-run with the group, and nothing exciting to share there. It was pretty cold to start, but once the sun came up it felt a lot more comfortable.

Sunday was my scheduled recovery miles. I was super happy with this run which may sound silly for a recovery run. Since I started training by heart rate a few years ago, I’ve struggled to keep my heart rate in zone one (recovery zone) while doing these runs. I would usually just shrug it off and just run slow and easy because stressing about my heart rate seemed counter-productive. I was really excited when I looked at my watch after this run and saw that I had successfully maintained an average heart rate in zone one.

I ran a total of 39 miles this week and felt like I got the most out of every run. I’m excited to see where my new training plan takes me fitness-wise this season and I think it’s a much better fit than what I used last time.

I realized while doing this post that I need to take some more photos during the week, so I’ll try to remember to do that. Since I work out in the morning, I’m usually ready to get inside to stretch and get ready for the day!

Next weekend is Christmas and the following is New Years, so I likely won’t write my next training update until 2018. I have a cutback week this week and then it’s back at it for the week of Christmas, including Christmas morning!

This has been a whirlwind of a year with a lot of ups and downs both running and life-related, but I’m excited about what’s to come in 2018.

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