New Year Resolutions for Runners

The new year is just around the corner! If you’re still struggling to come up with some resolutions, here are a few ideas to get you started. Some are serious, some not so much.

Resolve to not be self-deprecating about paces.
No one thinks that 9:00-paced run is slow. Even if you are a runner whose pace could be viewed as slow, who cares? If you’re out there and moving, be proud!

Resolve to stop answering what “everybody keeps asking.”
While it’s true that many of us get some sort of repeated question, the answer is almost always the same: there is no secret. It doesn’t take a two-paragraph Instgram post to ramble on and get to that answer. This seems to be the new way to humble-brag: “Everybody asks me how I eat so healthy all of the time.” “Everybody asks me how I nail my speed work every time.” “Everybody asks me how I motivate myself to stay in the gym for three hours every day.”

Resolve to finally fix those nagging run-injuries.
Strength train. Stretch. Actually take the time to recover. Whatever it takes, stop battling and whining through those on-going issues and finally kick them to the curb.

Resolve to run easy runs, easy.
Thirty seconds slower than marathon pace is not an easy run. Constantly running at marathon pace is not easy running, either. Running every run at half marathon pace is not an easy run.

Resolve to admit failure.
Sometimes everything in training goes right and a race goes wrong. Failure happens. There’s only so many times crowding, other runners on the course, available hydration, periods, indigestion, poor sleep, etc., can be the reason for that. Some days we mess up, and that’s ok. Some races we’re undertrained. Some races we set our sights too high. Some races we underestimate the conditions. Sometimes, we just fail. The best runners learn from bad races and try again differently next time – and sometimes, they still fail. One thing is for sure: excuses will never make us better runners.

Resolve to stop wasting life’s precious moments setting the self-timer and running past the phone ten times for a good Instagram shot.
Everyone following runners love running posts, weird staged photos are not needed. We know you used your self time, it’s weird.

Resolve to run even when the weather isn’t great.
We can’t control the weather on race day, so we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to skip a run either.

Resolve to wear a shirt when seasonably appropriate.
It’s 30 degrees out, why are you still posting photos in your sports bra?

On a more serious note, I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! I’m looking forward to more running adventures in 2018.

One thought on “New Year Resolutions for Runners

  1. Everyone keeps asking me…LOL I saw that posted the other day and thought – WHO?!
    That easy run thing is so true!! I ran 12 minutes miles all summer…truly that is an easy pace about a minute or more off my norm and I would see my buddies tell how slow they were and be like 15 off pace AHHHH!
    Happy New Year!


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