Shamrock Marathon Training: Six Weeks In

Happy New Year! It’s a whole new year and I am now six weeks into training for my next marathon. The last time I posted, I had just gotten into the swing of things during week three of training. I’m happy to say that things have continued to go pretty well.

My run duration is getting longer and my speed work is getting a little more intense, but so far it feels manageable.

A notable run from Christmas week was my Wednesday workout. It called for 5:00 pickups at half marathon pace with 1:00 recovery. Going into the run I wasn’t too concerned. I’ve already rattled off some tempo runs where the miles were at half marathon pace, so doing 5-minutes at a time didn’t concern me. The part I forgot was how difficult it is to bring my heart rate up for 5:00, let it drop for 1:00, and then throw it back up again. By the second pickup I was thinking to myself “1:00 recovery isn’t long enough!” and by the last pickup, I was so ready to be done! But I did it and I survived and hopefully it did some good.

My Saturday long run that week had me doing my last five miles at goal marathon pace. One of the coaches I had caught up with wanted to run a little faster and finished my last five with me. I was happy to have him there to keep my mind off my miles and pace. We chatted the entire last few miles, but my legs were feeling it by the end!

We also had some snow. We got about three inches overnight last Wednesday and I got out with my YakTrax Thursday morning for a nice, easy run in the snow. It was really peaceful.

Unfortunately, the extreme cold temperatures had all of the snow and ice hanging around all weekend. I knew my long run was going to be on the treadmill and to say I wasn’t thrilled about that is an understatement! Luckily, I mentioned to my training buddy that I was going to head to the Y right around opening (6 am) and he offered to join me. I had some pickups during my run and he ran some fast miles to help break things up. We chatted the time away and another one of our team members ended up joining us just as we were starting our final five miles. It really wasn’t bad at all since I had someone to chat with the entire time.

Right now I’m feeling pretty good about my training. I’m seeing improvements in my heart rate signaling some fitness gains. I’m at the point in training where getting out of bed in the morning is getting a little bit harder! I am starting to feel more fatigued and did have to alter a recent run to just be an easy run to allow myself to recover. With just eight weeks until taper and 10 weeks until race day, I have to just keep kicking my butt out of bed each morning and getting it done.

Almost half way there!

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