Shamrock Marathon Training: Seven Weeks to Go!

I’m here! Still running, still eating, still drinking wine, still sleeping. Between training, work, and life I haven’t had the energy to sit down and blog every week. With so many weeks having passed since my last post, I have a bit to catch up on!

I’m now nine weeks into training, which puts me past the halfway point. I’m now running an average of 45-50 miles per week. Luckily, I haven’t had to do any more of my long runs on the treadmill. Hopefully that doesn’t change! Overall I am feeling good aside from some slight tendinitis in my left foot. It’s responding well to stretching, icing, and compression, so hopefully my upcoming chiropractor visit(s) can help loosen things up. I’ve been pretty good with stretching and nightly foam rolling (and my husband has been a big help by picking up some extra nights of dinner clean up so I can roll before bed!), but as my training miles get longer my legs are getting tight and tired.

A few weeks ago, I went up to Northern Virginia with my sister. We went with my mom into D.C. for the evening to see Sara Bareilles perform with the National Symphony Orchestra. It was super wonderful, but also a late night. Despite the late night, I got to do my 16-miler on the WO&D trail the next morning which made it worth the early wake up. Running on the trail gave me the chance to get a solid run in without having to stop multiple times to cross streets. The weather was also crazy – flurries, sunshine, and windy, windy, windy! I am really hoping the wind isn’t crazy at Shamrock this year, but this run helped me feel somewhat prepared for it.

My dad made me breakfast after the run and served it to me on my childhood plate. This was the only tall mug my parents had for me to mix my recovery drink in hot water!

Overall, I feel I’ve been getting in some really solid long runs during this cycle. In the summer my group trains downtown which means lots of stops for street crossings and lots of turns that can make the route confusing and slow us down. This winter we’re in a different part of town and our routes have been taking us on long stretches of non-stop running.

My longest run so far has been 18 miles. I’m now consistently running one-to-two weekday runs of 10 miles. I actually just had an 11-miler this past week, but I think that is my longest weekday training run. Many of these longer runs have pick-ups, tempo miles, or intervals thrown in there, so it helps break up the run and go by more quickly. Some mornings, they’re just easy runs which I also enjoy.

Random 50-something degree morning made for a really pleasant super early weekday run.

On Saturday’s I get up early enough to have a little something to fuel my run, but normally during the week I don’t eat anything. My past training plans had me doing less than a handful of longer weekday runs so I never felt a need to eat during the week. Now that I’m running double-digits twice a week, I really felt I needed to up my nutrition to keep myself from being super hungry the rest of the day.

I’ve started eating Honey Stinger Waffles in the mornings before those longer weekday runs and have actually started to eat them before my long runs too. I used these two years ago during my summer training when I had Sunday morning runs followed by my strength training class, but hadn’t consistently eaten them before any of my runs. They’re really light, they don’t have a ton of sugar (so no blood-sugar spike), and I’m finding that I’m not as ravenous the rest of the day.

Anyone else go to bed with their pre-run nutrition on their nightstand?

I’ve only skipped one week of strength training, which was this past week. I woke up to go to class and the rain was so torrential that I decided to just stay in bed! Ha! But considering my legs have been extra tired and my foot has been bothering me, I figured my body could probably use the extra rest day.

Speaking of strength training, I had a bit of excitement on my way to class recently. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my husband and I went to Toyota to test drive a new Corolla. My 14-year-old Corolla with 150K+ miles needed the AC fixed and new tires, so we knew it was probably time to move on. We decided that night we would go back the following Monday (my husband’s day off) to move forward with purchasing one. The next morning, I was driving in what’s called a “frost fog” (it’s so weird) and ended up hitting a deer on my way to the gym for my class! Luckily, I wasn’t going too fast because of the conditions, but I was so pissed off because I had hoped to get a decent amount of money for my car. I still made it to strength class on time, but I was pretty upset when I got home.

I’m now the happy driver of a brand new 2018 Corolla and I did still get a tiny bit of money for my old car – and the sales guy had a good laugh when he took my plates off and there was still some deer hair stuck in them. Whoops!

My new car!

I think that about wraps it up for now. I have my first 20-miler in two weeks, so I will try to update again after that. I’m updating more often on Instagram, especially in my stories.

6 thoughts on “Shamrock Marathon Training: Seven Weeks to Go!

  1. I don’t know what looks better, that breakfast sandwich or that recovery drink. Maybe I should eat now. Congrats on the new car! New cars are such a great feeling. I’m following you on IG…NOW.


  2. Congrats on the new wheels! Sorry about the deer, though. Isn’t it funny how those things always happen at the worst time (not that there’s a good time for it to happen).

    Midweek double digit long runs are such great training. It’s so tiring and time consuming to do them week after week, but they really prepare you for race day.


  3. That frost fog was so odd, I was kinda awed by the trees! I am sorry you hit a deer, that is a sucky morning, but the new car is great.
    That is one nice thing running where I am, I typically only have to pause a few times to cross streets, downtown is a bit tougher. I wish we had a trail like WOD..oh, you should be much closer to the Capital bike trail. I have driven over to run it before but parkling was a challenge I love running uninterrupted though!


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