October training update

It’s been a while – almost six months! I haven’t been I injured, but I haven’t been training. If you follow me on Instagram you already know — I’m pregnant!

We kept the news to ourselves for much longer than most. Then chose to just share with family and close friends and allow ourselves to celebrate together before spreading the news wide.

I have still been running four times a week, just at modified mileage. I’m also swimming once a week and taking advantage of a prenatal yoga class that is offered a few times per month at a studio down the road from my house. That has pretty much been the gist of my summer of running, so it was nothing noteworthy to keep updated here.

Around 19 weeks pregnant, I took a look at past year’s mileage and realized it had been three years since my monthly mileage was as low as it was. It has actually been a welcomed break. Though I am missing those very long, therapeutic runs, and spending so much time on my feet with my running friends, I was very ready for a break from training and racing. It’s much easier to cut back and focus on other things when it’s for something exciting instead of injury, burn-out, etc.

That being said, it is a huge adjustment from my regular day-to-day and there are times I find myself daydreaming about the day I am back to training and can bust out a mid-week 10 mile run with ease.

There is something a little exciting about the idea of starting again. My medal rack is full and I joked with my husband this is perfect timing since I can get a new one for all of my postpartum races. I will have to figure out a new training routine that works for my family and, of course, we are registered for a nice running stroller since I know I won’t get away running baby-free all the time.

I am being gentle when it comes to working out, allowing myself to rest or go easy when I need it. There were days during my first trimester when I couldn’t muster up the energy to run and went for a walk or just stayed in bed. I skipped strength training until I was a month into my second trimester (it made me dizzy) and when I returned I found most of the class moves I had to modify which felt pointless. I can do basic lunges, squats, and arm work at home with my own weights, but I’m really not pressuring myself to keep everything up during this time.

Regardless of what I do now, I will need time to heal, recover, snuggle my sweetie, and build my strength back up before I can really think about any kind of fitness postpartum. So if I want to sleep in one day, I do it. My mind frame for working out right now is keeping myself and baby healthy and preparing for labor. My hope is I won’t run into complications during the third trimester that prevent me from continuing exercising the way I enjoy it.

I will check in periodically from now until labor day (ha!), and then I hope to be back to share my postpartum running journey.

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