I started blogging in 2011 as a way to keep friends and family up to date on any and everything going on. I got engaged, moved away, got married, and adopted two dogs. Once running became my primary hobby, my blog morphed into a fitness blog. At the end of 2016, Run. Eat. Wine. Sleep. was born and I shifted my focus to primarily fitness and lifestyle posts.

On this blog you’ll find reflections on my training, race recaps, tips, cooking chatter, and a few life updates. All of my original content has moved over from my previous blog, so if you’re new and looking for past race recaps, it’s all here.

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“To a lot of people, long-distance running seems to signify some kind of personality disorder. Maybe it’s because most people are not in good physical condition. To someone who’s out of shape, running can be painful, so the idea that anyone would deliberately choose to inflict that pain upon themselves may seem self-destructive. If you’re not only in good physical condition but also temperamentally suited to running, the situation is different. Running is something you’re ready to do, something you want to do, and perhaps even something you’re born to do.”
– Pam Reed, The Extra Mile

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